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Horsch Farming Equipment Dealer

The HORSCH Difference

From hybrid farming to seeding, tilling, spraying, planting, and more, HORSCH has built reliable farming equipment for over 40 years. This is why they develop technical and digital solutions for modern farming. Their well-built, future-minded tools are an ideal fit for the farmer looking to create efficiency and maximize revenues.


The Maestro planters are engineered to maximize planting efficiency.  The Maestro has industry leading seed and liquid capacity, a revolutionary transport and planting design, and state of the art seed meter options that are unmatched in the industry.  The chassis system is designed to increase carrying capacity, not to mention it has the lightest soil footprint in the industry. Contact our sales team or visit the Horsch website to learn more about Maestro planters.


Avatar SD raises the bar on the integral fill single disc drill market, taking to a single disc drill to a whole new level. The full concept integral single disc drill system defines seeding precision and maximizing efficacy during planting season. It’s simplistic design helps minimize maintenance and makes it easier to operate. To learn more, contact our sales team or visit the Horsch website.


Drago Indiana is one of the launching dealerships for Horsch’s newest addition to the United States, the Leeb VL! The Leeb Boom Control Plus maintains the exact, lowest possible working height at a high operational speed and even on hilly terrain. The flexible height and track allows you to spray on a more mature crop, with row height operation on up to 80”.  No one has really experienced what Boom Control is till you have operated a Leeb.  The Leeb with Boom Control Plus is designed to keep your boom within 10 inches of the ground or crop to keep you chemical on target and the flexibility to hydraulically lift to spray tall crops in season. To learn more about the Leeb VL, contact our sales team or visit the Horsch website.

Joker RX

The Joker RX is a brand new Joker platform which enhances performance while maintaining superior working action and tillage quality. Since pioneering of the high-speed disc in North America, the Joker has proven to be not only a versatile tool but also necessary when working in adverse conditions.  To learn more about the Joker RX, contact our sales team or visit the Horsch website.

Tiger MT

Tiger MT has distinguished itself as the ultimate soil working machine in high-residue fields. It offers a 4-bar frame style: 2 bars are a heavy disk system that ensures reliable cutting and incorporation of residues, and the other 2 bars are the TerraGrip III shanks for deep loosening of the soil and additional mixing action. This machine follows that up with a single-row leveling disk system and a large 24-inch wheeled packer for effective seedbed preparation in all soil types.

Partner HT

The mount Partner HT is a double hopper and can be mounted directly onto the combine for immediate planting of cover crops during harvest. The total capacity is nearly 80 bushels, partitioned in a ratio of 40:60. This allows for the metering of two different components or one component from both hoppers to make use of the whole capacity. ISOBUS implement control makes Partner FT/HT compatible and very versatile in the field with its endless capabilities.

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