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For over 40 years, Honey Bee has cranked out top-of-the-line equipment from its family farm and production warehouse in Saskatchewan, Canada. Honey Bee’s new AirFLEX platform shows its commitment to product research and development, moving the simple Grain Belt into the future to meet the needs of today’s producers. Honey Bee manufactures equipment that farmers want and need.

Airflex SDX

Fully Flexible Cutterbar
& Air Height Suspension

The AirFLEX SDX shaves the ground, picking up even the lowest hanging pods. The key to cutting so close to the soil is the nine inches of movement that the AirFLEX SDX has across the width of the cutterbar.

High Performance
Reel & Drapers

The custom built, fully adjustable reel ranges from gentle to aggressive with unlimited finger spacing options to leave no crop behind. The new draper tensioning system provides consistent operation.

Transport System

The AirFLEX SDX transport wheels are designed to be there when you need them and then be easily removed for harvest. The wheels are self-aligning and can be mounted in five minutes, letting you spend more time using your equipment and less time working on it.

The SDX in Action

The AirFLEX SDX features sensors and air suspension that allow the flex header to shave the ground, picking up more of the crop. It’s lightweight yet durable, sophisticated yet easy to use, all while integrating cutting-edge innovation. Crafted on the farm, you’ll appreciate the combination of thoughtful design, high performance and simplicity.


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